We have created excel templates which can sort data files from the big HR systems into all the data points we need for our survey. Check out the “Support Centre” in your portal to download a template, watch helpful videos or book in some time with our team.

If you really can’t find a data point, or feel uncomfortable giving one, then select “N/A” for your answer in the survey and move onto the next question. Partial completion is fine, within reason.

You get one report, and therefore one set of personalised benchmarks, for one data set. If you want to see multiple benchmarks, let’s say, for a portfolio of brands, then you need a subscription, (and to submit data separately), for each brand.

We work to a “line of command” system for management roles. The job titles are not important, as long as you submit data for that role against the appropriate “line of command” – e.g. General Manager or Restaurant Manager are the same if they are both “1st in command” in the team/location. Download our “Data Points” PDF from the website for a full list of definitions.

No, leave Head Office headcount, and any other data, out of your submission please.